Fusion Chocolates

Fusion Chocolates create chocolates that push the boundaries of combining delicious food and chocolate to fuse the flavours that tantalise the taste buds. The name Fusion was born from the dream of mixing unique flavours with chocolate to create a distinct line of confectionery. Our aim is to create a product that will stimulate and indulge your senses of taste and smell.

Unique Combinations

We use chocolate flavours such as peanuts, banana, strawberry, coffee, chilli and pork crackling, Our exclusive pork crackling chocolate is uniquely delicious and very popular with locals and visitors from around the world.

Fusion Chocolates make their chocolates from Couverture chocolate mixed with only the best sourced Australian ingredients to create our diverse range of chocolates.

Gifts, Complimentary and Thank You

Extremely popular are our hampers filled with chocolates and especially chosen local wines suitable for promotional items, business gifts, complimentary incentives or a thank you at any time of the year.


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