Chocolate Flavours

All our chocolates are sold individually, gift packed, one flavour or an assortment or in our hampers with wine or on their own. For more information on our packaging click here.


1. Fusion Choc Truffles

peanuts, dairy, sugar, banana, almond, dark chocolate and flavours.

2. Fusion Latte Truffles

peanuts, dairy, sugar, banana, almond, white chocolate, coffee.

3. Nutella Truffles

vanilla fudge, nutella, white chocolate

4. Mocha Latte Truffles

cookies, dairy, coffee, white chocolate and dark chocolate

5. Lemon Truffles

cookies, lemon, dairy, coconut and white chocolate

6. Chilli Truffles

chocolate fudge, chilli, cinnamon, dark chocolate

7. Fruit Salad Truffles

Dairy, sugar, cookies, milk, fruit salad, white chocolate

8. Tiramisu Truffles

biscuits, dairy, coffee, white chocolate, dark chocolate

9. Coconut Bites

coconut, milk, dark chocolate, coconut oil

10. Cherry Cordials

fondant, cherries, dark chocolate, coconut oil

11. Orange & Macadamia Truffles

dairy, orange, macadamias, cookies, white chocolate

12. Lime Truffles

cookies, dairy, limes and white chocolate

13. Chocolate Mint Truffles

mint slice, dairy, dark chocolate



1. Spicy Pork Krackle

dark chocolate, pork crackle, cayenne, paprika, cinnamon

2. Noodle Bacon Bites

dark chocolate, noodles, bacon

3. Wasabi Clusters

white chocolate, wasabi peas

4. Ginger Clusters

dark chocolate, crystallised ginger

5. Honey Pop Joys

honey popcorn, white chocolate, craisins

6. Snowballs

cocoa puffs, nuts or dried fruit, white chocolate


Potato Crisps

1. Crispy Wings

peanuts, chips, dark chocolate

2. Latte Wings

peanuts, chips, white chocolate, coffee

3. White Wonders

chips, white chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut

4. Thai Chilli Waves

Thai chilli chips, dark chocolate, chilli flakes



1. Ritzy Burgers

crackers, peanuts, dark chocolate

2. Ginger Patties

cookies, ginger, dark chocolate

3. Fudge Filled Cookies

cookies, chocolate fudge, dark or white chocolate, coffee, orange or peppermint oil


Other Chocolates

1. Apricots au Chocolat

dried apricots, dark chocolate, raspberry liquorice crystals

2. Mallow Bites

marshmallows, white or dark chocolate, flavoured oils

3. Variety of Flavours for After Dinner Mints

fondant, dark chocolate, flavoured oils

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